Tuesday, December 08, 2009

The Morning Commute

Tokyo is (in)famous for the massive morning commute that takes place on the many subway and train lines that snake through the various parts of the metro area. 

A friend of a friend made the video above shot at the train station that I use everyday, Shinagawa Train Station. Much better than I could have done, the video captures the madness that is a Monday morning Tokyo commute. 

In fact, one month later, I'm still recovering from my first foray into train commuting. Partially out of ignorance and partially out of sheer terror, I was "that guy" who made the boneheaded decision to walk in the middle of the station (against the flow of traffic). Lesson learned. 

Nonetheless, my fellow commuters graciously dodged me as I walked the wrong way, and they never said a word.

Here's a map of the more popular commuter lines

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